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Monday, January 10, 2011

PERGH 3 - ROLL ~~ :)

The event Professional Muslims Retreat in Great Britain (PERGH!) is a weekend gathering involving the Malaysian Muslim community in the United Kingdom. PERGH! Is conducted in a few editions in which the editions have relations to each other in terms of significance. Nevertheless, this does not mean that the participants of the earlier editions cannot be involved in the later editions. The talks presented by speakers in the editions are particularly easy to understand and revolves around our life as Muslims. If you have missed the earlier editions, do not worry, you can always join the later editions.

The main organizer of PERGH! is the Malaysian Muslim Community London (MMCL), in conjunction with ILuvWarwick and other Malaysian Islamic Association around the United Kingdom. The current theme of this season of PERGH! is Read, Rise and Roll (3R). The first edition was held in Imperial College London with the theme, READ. Warwick was the second venue of PERGH! presenting the theme RISE and now, the third edition of PERGH! comes all the way to the South West region of United Kingdom, Southampton, the largest city in the county of Hampshire on the south coast of England. The theme of this edition of PERGH! is ROLL!.

Come and join this wonderful event as we seek knowledge as well as making new friends. Do not miss the golden opportunity to join the longest running Malaysian Muslim Weekend gathering in the United Kingdom! If this is still not enough, come and join the tour and sightseeing event organized by our own brothers and sisters from Malaysia and refresh your mind, body and soul this spring. This season is a wonderful time for us to get lively and amped up! Oh, just in case you’re wondering, the event will be held in Bahasa Melayu.

Let us make a difference. Let us make a change and seek blessings from Allah SWT. Be part of the Butterfly Effect. The small change you make now will change your future. Register now!

We have READ, we have learned to RISE, and now it’s time to ROLL! It is time to make a change. Let’s make it PERGH!

To register, just click YES I WANT TO COME! and submit the form. See you in Soton, insyaAllah ;-) .

If you have any question, just fill in this FORM. If it’s regarding Pergh! 3, please put the subject as Pergh! 3. Thanks :-) !

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