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Wednesday, October 20, 2010




Tarikh: 23-26 Disember 2010

Tempat: Glendalough International Youth Hostel, Wicklow, Republic of Ireland.

Overseas Students Winter Gathering in Ireland or Perhimpunan Ukhuwwah Insaniyyah Seluruh Ireland (PUISI) is the most outstanding annual activity for PPIMI and the largest Malaysian scholar gathering in the whole Europe and United Kingdom. This program involves almost 200 participants and the number evolves from year to year. This program targeted students around Europe especially in Ireland and United Kingdom which serves as a means for them to benefit their winter break effectively.

As the main society that concerns for the welfare of the scholars in Ireland, PPIMI took this initiative to design PUISI with the most holistic and positive self development approach as possible in order to undertake the government mission to develop human potential. The success of accomplishing a degree is not profound unless the graduates have a true understanding of life goals. Hence, this program aims to equip the participants with creative and critical thinking skills, as well as attitudes that will shift their paradigm.

This year, PUISI 2010 proudly presents the concept of Tianxia that we sought to inspire talks from speakers and stems discussions among participants. Tianxia which holds similar meaning to ‘all under heaven’ is entirely not a new concept. This concept was introduced by the Emperor of China to unify dynasties in China under a single empire. Interactively, this concept is a platform to give awareness to motivate the students, particularly the students in the UK and Ireland on the importance of moving in groups towards a common goal and celebrates the diversity of manners in the student group that exists in the Earth Europe. Thus, PUISI 10 can be a turning point at which the person will begin to explore themselves and their own abilities [as in the individual person or group] to form a union under Islamic violet. In this fast-paced world with wave of life challenges that awaits the young generation, PUISI 10 aims to evince the needs for Muslim scholars to be the best and successful in whatever they do. Hence, we strongly believe that one would only gain success with endless efforts by moving together. Truly inspired by this, PUISI 10 team is dedicated to muster the spirit of Tianxia and came forth with the theme ‘Journey of Tianxia’.

In realizing the concept of Tianxia in student life, PUISI 10 will uncover The 8th Habit – From Effectiveness to Greatness. This book is a continuation of the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, written by Stephen R. Covey. Theme brought by Stephen Covey in his book, is the ability of individuals to study and enhance their self-potential (finding your voices) and helping others to discover their capabilities and their potential (helping others to find theirs).

On top of that, PUISI 10 also hopes to empower current issues by igniting the awareness among scholars through discussions and forums with the hope that the participants will develop a good sense of cognizance in the world progress. This also aims to yield thinking and serves as a medium for a paradigm shift. More interestingly, the current issues discussion will be conducted interactively in groups to encourage participants to engage in ideas exchanging among scholars from different backgrounds and mentality.

In addition, we also believe and confident that the exposure to the concept of ‘Tianxia’ is able to produce individuals who are committed in improving the self-interest or community groups and also individuals who always want to benefit the community. We also believe that ‘Tianxia’ will actually uncover great potential in producing students who not only professional in his profession, even in personal aspect of life.

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