MuLaKaN hIdUPmU dENGAN.....

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

everything begins with tarbiyyah

Rasulullah SAW has the sahabah that he trained in Madina.. in Makkah, were not many; a hundred, hundred plus. These are the ones who start off with him, in Makkah. But every one of these men, you could just THROW THEM ANYWHERE in this world and LEAVE THEM!! ALONE!! They've take care of the religion. Umar al-Khattab is saying, " I want such men; like Abu 'Ubaydah and Mua'dz ibn Jabal, so that I can send them out, fi sabilillah. ~~~ Tarbiyyah is The Most Important Thing :) ~~~ Keep on Tarbiyah yourself and seek the knowledge of Islam from the Ulama' :)

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