MuLaKaN hIdUPmU dENGAN.....

Monday, November 23, 2009

..a child's prayer....


I pray to You
And I will pray relieve my heart
That is heavy with fear , doubt and worry..
This burden is so heavy for me to bear..
So I surrender it to Your Greatness
In its place
I pray to increase my faith
To make me so powerful that fear cannot penetrate it.

Faith that Your Greatness will give to me..
So strong..that I no longer doubt that whatever problem I have today
Will be long gone by tomorrow

Dear ALLAH , help me.
Dear ALLAH , guide me.
Through whatever challenges I face today..
And all the days of my life.
For there is only one Truth and one Reality
And that is You ALLAH .
I have no doubt , that it will pass ever and after
With Your great help and support.
And You and Your love are more powerful than
The sum of all fears and doubts.

Dear ALLAH , I need You.
My heart rests in this knowing
and your love I surrender..
And trust that my good is unfolding perfectly
And so it is . Ameen..

Note : may Allah bless the person who created this prayer. jzkk

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